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The World's Most Popular GPS Tracker!GPS Tracking Key

The original GPS Tracking Key is a vehicle tracking system that records the location of a vehicle, second by second, within 2.5 meters of accuracy. The pocket-sized receiver captures signals from a system of 24 Department of Defense satellites orbiting the earth and the data is stored on the GPS Tracking Key’s powerful internal memory.

Download the data by connecting the unit to the USB port of a personal computer. By using LandAirSea’s software, included with the system, the user is able to view the vehicle’s travel history, including where the driver traveled, how fast they drove, where they stopped and the duration of those stops. The locating data from the GPS Tracking Key can be displayed over a digital street map, over a satellite image with interface to Google Earth or in a text activity report.

The GPS Tracking Key runs on just 2 AAA batteries. The vehicle tracking device is water resistant and comes equipped with a powerful magnet on the housing. It can be installed in seconds inside, outside or under a vehicle.

Free technical support is provided by LandAirSea domestic-based representatives.



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